Open positions


We have open positions for highly motivated students with background in molecular biology who are looking for Master thesis projects. The projects are usually running for about six month full time. The main focus for the projects will be using mass spectrometry based proteomics methods and approaches to adress questions in current cancer research.

Currently available master thesis projects:

Using Thermal Proteome Profiling for evaluating therapeutics in Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

The student will be engaged in using a pioneering approach for drug target engagement combined with mass spectrometry for measuring direct biophysical interactions of therapeutics in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia cell lines. Initially the project will involve screening of different known small molecule drugs in various ALL cell lines with different genetic background and assessing their potency and effect on viability using cellular thermal shift assay as well as viability assays. In the latter part of the project thermal proteome profiling will be used to investigate selected small molecule drugs in a suitable cell line for target and off-target identifications.

For more information regarding this project contact Rozbeh Jafari

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Developing click-based work flow for isolation of small molecule binding proteins in Neuroblastoma

The student will be using bio-orthogonal ligation strategies to identify small molecule binding proteins from cell line models.

For more information regarding this project contact J├╝rgen Eirich

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