Mass spectrometry instrumentation

We use cutting edge mass spectrometry and chromatography instrumentation for our research. We have also developed the High Resolution Isoelectric Focusing (Branca et al., Nature Methods, 2014) for pre-fractionation to perform in-depth proteomics together with GE Healthcare (GE research unit at Uppsala, Sweden).



  • MS LTQ Orbitrap Velos Pro
  • MS Orbitrap Q Exactive
  • High resolution Q-TOF 6540
  • LC-Triple Q-MS 6410
  • LC-Triple Q-MS 6490, with iFUNNEL system
  • MS Orbitrap Fusion collaboration with David Lane, Sonia Lain
  • MS Q Exactive HF collaboration with Pär Nordlund
  • MS Q Exactive HF collaboration with Mathias Uhlén
  • MS Q Exactive collaboration with Pär Nordlund


Mass spectrometry facility

We disseminate our latest methods research via the Clinical Proteomics Mass spectrometry facility. For facility function and services, please visit the facility home page.